World Book Day 2018

Last week was World Book Day, and I was absolutely delighted to see so many children dressing up as Stella Starflake Pearl from the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club. Having one of my characters brought to life like this was such a thrill, and it warmed the cockles of my writer’s heart to see children getting excited about reading and sharing their love of books with such style!

Here’s a selection of some of the amazing photos:


Stella photo

This is Jess. I love her snowflake necklaces and polar bear dress, to say nothing of the pearls and unicorn headband! Absolute princess perfection. Apparently the dress comes in an adult size, which I will be ordering the moment it comes back in stock.



This is Georgie, who emailed me for advice about her costume prior to WBD. I told her that, as an explorer princess, Stella has many different types of outfit, and I just love Georgie’s final choice of dress, tiara and unicorn ensemble.



This is Heather, who went the explorer route with an awesome hooded cloak with an actual POLAR BEAR SYMBOL on it! She’d be admitted straight into the explorers’ club, for sure.



This is Linden, who also went the explorer route with extra-warm coat, snow boots and his very own explorer’s bag containing a compass, moustache wax and spoon. Excellent attention to detail!



This is Alex (hooray for sharing a name!) sporting a really beautiful explorer’s cloak, proper adventure boots and her very own telescope for yeti-spotting!


Stella 2

This is Emily, with a fantastic fur-edged cloak, boots, bag AND a white wig to really complete the ice princess explorer look. The perfect outfit for adventures!

And, finally, here are Elena, Caitlin, Ela, Ally and Rania from Elthorne Park High School showing some Frozen Charlotte love with their incredible creepy doll make up. Soooo awesome!

FC 1 FC3 FC4

This is why people become writers for young people in the first place, and I’d like to say a really big THANK YOU to each and every person who dressed up as one of my characters. You are all awesome, and you made my absolute day last week.

I’ve only included photos that I’ve had permission to share here, but if there’s anyone I’ve missed out who’d like to be included then please do tweet or email me with the photo, and I’ll add it to the post!

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More Frozen Charlotte Art

I also received this amazing drawing from 12-year-old, Cindy Hua, back in April, but never got around to posting it. I just love the anime look to this one, and how spooky and atmospheric it is.



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Frozen Charlotte Art

Receiving fan art from readers is one of my most favourite things in the universe, so I was thrilled when the very talented Matilda Freeman sent me these drawings inspired by Frozen Charlotte and Charlotte Says. I love them all, but especially the Estella ones. Check ’em out below.

image1 (1)





Matilda, you’ve done a fantastic job and the characters look just like I imagined them. Many thanks for bringing them to life for me!

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YALC 2017


Just a quick post to say I’m going to be a guest at YALC this year. I will be doing book signings on Saturday 29th, from 2-4pm. And at 4-4.45pm I’ll be holding a horror-writing workshop. Hope to see you there!

You can find more information, and the whole schedule, here.

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Charlotte Says

Charlotte Says cover

I’m very happy to share that I have signed a new three-book deal with Stripes Publishing, which includes a prequel to Frozen Charlotte (now available for pre-order on Amazon). The full press release is below and you can see it in its original format here:

“Little Tiger Group’s imprint Stripes Publishing has acquired a prequel to the Zoella Book Club title Frozen Charlotte and two titles in a new series by author Alex Bell.

Commissioning editor Katie Jennings bought world rights to Charlotte Says and world English language rights, with a two year licence on US rights, for the new series from agent Madeline Milburn at Madeline Milburn Literary, TV and Film Agency.

Based on the Isle of Skye, a hundred years before the events of Frozen Charlotte, Charlotte Says “reveals the origins of the demonic Frozen Charlotte dolls which torment the inhabitants of Dunvegan School for Girls”.

Jennings said: “Frozen Charlotte is one of those books that is crying out for a follow up and I was so excited when Alex said she was up for doing a prequel. From the spine-tingling opening line, this is every bit as deliciously devilish as the first book. Fans are in for a treat. Never short of ideas, especially those of the mysterious and macabre kind, Alex is also working on a new series for us, introducing a cast of unique and fantastical characters. Let’s just say, you’ll never look at travelling fairs – or clowns – in the same way again.”

A Stripes spokesperson said: “Bell’s new series revolves around the Smoke and Grimsby Travelling Fair and its haunted carousel. Featuring a strange cast of fairground characters and a protagonist who must harness supernatural abilities in order to find her missing sister, Bell has conjured a creepy and atmospheric world.”

Bell said: “I’m delighted to have the chance to explore the origins of the Frozen Charlotte dolls in a brand new story. This was something that stayed a bit of a mystery in the first book, but my thoughts kept going back to where the original dolls might have come from and how they first exerted their malevolent influence. I’m also really looking forward to writing the other two books for Stripes. The series will take place in a travelling fairground that is not quite all that it seems – expect carousels, waxworks, Victorian curiosities, sinister clowns and, of course, plenty of smoke and mirrors.”

Bell is the award-winning author of Frozen Charlotte and The Haunting in Stripes’ YA horror series, Red Eye, which was launched in 2014 to target a gap in the market. Jennings said at the time: “We thought a horror YA series was something that no-one else was really doing.”

Bell is based in the New Forest and writes young adult horror books and middle grade fantasy books. Whilst at university studying to become a lawyer, she wrote a grand total of six complete novels. Her first novel, The Ninth Circle, was published by Gollancz in 2008.

Stripes will publish Charlotte Says on 7th September as part of Red Eye. The new series will be launched in Autumn 2018.”

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