Frozen Charlotte in a Teacup

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, my wonderful Mum buys me a specially commissioned teacup to celebrate each new book. Here is the one for Frozen Charlotte. It’s my first one from Amy Jayne Hughes and I’m soooo pleased with it. Even more than the previous book teacups, this one gives a real taster of what the novel is about – like a little teacup blurb.

Frozen Charlotte teacup


This is the converted old school house located on the clifftops of the Isle of Skye where the story is set:

Frozen Charlotte teacup


These are the Frozen Charlotte dolls: 

Frozen Chalotte teacup


The school gates, which must always remain locked because of what happened there in the past:

Frozen Charlotte teacup


On the saucer you can also see the black sand the Ouija board warns about, as well as Cameron’s piano (which becomes important later on . . .):   

Frozen Chalotte teacup


Finally, inside the teacup you will notice a bike. This belongs to Jay. Something horrible happens when he tries to cycle home on it in Chapter One.

Frozen Charlotte teacup

Many thanks to Amy for creating such a gorgeous teacup for my collection!


Red Eye Trailer

Check out this most awesome trailer from Stripes Publishing for the terrifying new Red Eye series. And watch out for those Frozen Charlotte dolls (*warning* – may cause sleepless nights!).

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Frozen Charlotte Ebook Release

My new YA horror book, Frozen Charlotte, is now available to download as an ebook – and with a brand new shiny cover:

Frozen Charlotte book cover

I love this creepy update to the look of the Red Eye horror series and it’s great to have the Frozen Charlotte dolls featured on the cover. Speaking of Frozen Charlottes, my editor sent me a photo of one of the ones they’ve been using to torment book buyers with recently.

Frozen Charlotte coffin 

Don’t let Charlotte out of her tiny coffin! Bad things will happen if you do . . .

 Creepy Frozen Charlotte dolls

Is there anything worse than creepy dolls? *Shudders*

Frozen Charlotte will be published in paperback on the 5th January 2015.

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