Lex In A Teacup



As previously mentioned here, each time one of my books comes out, my Mum gets me a gorgeous book teacup designed by the eminently talented, and fantastically named, Bethan Lloyd Worthington. Bethan is given a list of keywords from the book, and designs the cups from these so that they are based on elements from the story. It’s like getting a front cover, only even better.

Lex Trent versus The Gods is due to be published on the 4th February but Amazon are sending it out already, and I hear that it has been spotted in some book shops, so I have my teacup a little early.

Photos don’t quite do it justice because the fine detail is easier to see in real life, but they should give the jist. You also cannot tell from the photos that the cup and saucer have both been sandblasted in order to make it appear that they have been lost in the sea for a few millenia – or a few years, at any rate. Whilst I was in Las Vegas last year I went to a Titanic exhibition that showcased some of the exhibits they’d pulled from the wreckage, including cups and plates, and so I can personally attest to the fact that the sandblasting effect is remarkably similar to a cup that really has spent years beneath the sea.  

This is the Medusa Lex battles:




 This is the whiskerfish that Lex . . . ah, well, perhaps I’d better not say as I don’t want to give key plot points away, but take it from me that this strange little fish is very important to Lex indeed.




Inside the cup is a magic hat and wand. Magic hats are very important in this book, and lead to all sorts of trouble:

Magic Hat


And in the top right hand corner below is the gigantic sand castle in the sky where the first round of the Game takes place:

Sand Castle


So there it is – my fabulous Lex Trent book cup, which I will no doubt spend many happy hours staring at, especially when in need of inspiration. If that doesn’t make you want to buy the book, I don’t know what will. As I said, it’s available from Amazon right now so there is no need to wait any longer, peoples! Flying ships, medusas, floating sandcastles, magic hats, whiskerfish and much, much more (crones, enchanters, duckigs, space ladders, nasal lice – the list is endless) can all be yours when you buy Lex Trent!


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Jasmyn In A Teacup

Yes, you heard right – Jasmyn is now in a teacup. Available in all good kitchenware stores now . . . Oh no, hang on, it’s not in all good stores now because there is, in fact, only one Jasmyn teacup. Only one Ninth Circle teacup too, come to that. My Mum gives me a present on the day one of my books come out (yes, she really is that cool). When The Ninth Circle came out last year she gave me a little desktop Mephistopheles.

For Jasmyn, I got a specially commissioned, one-of-a-kind, Jasmyn teacup. I have a bit of a thing about teacups. I blogged here about the magic one I have. And I can tell already that my Jasmyn  teacup is going to be a magic one too. Here are some pictures (although they don’t really do it justice):






How. Beautiful? And how perfect? Black roses, castles, knights, swans . . . it has everything. For anyone who’s interested, this teacup was designed and created by the wonderfully named Bethan Lloyd Worthington at http://www.bethanlloydworthington.co.uk/. Man, I wish my name was Bethan Lloyd Worthington . . . Her work bears more than a passing resemblance to the renowned Kustaa Saksi – creator of my fantastic Gollancz covers.

But, not only do I have a Jasmyn teacup, I now have a Ninth Circle coffee cup. Behold:


Gabriel's goldfish



I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use them yet. The thought of pouring tea into them horrifies me a little. I don’t want to stain the cup inside. But I’m thinking I might, perhaps, use them to hold M&M’s when I’m writing. After that they will be safely relocated back to the special cupboard for the special cutlery. I do, after all, have a Siamese cat who . . .  well . . . breaks things. Rather a lot. So the teacups can’t be left out in the open.  But they can be stared at adoringly through the glass windows in the special cupboard. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last day doing just this. These two cups are now my most treasured possessions. They even top Erin and Abu, and that is seriously saying something.

But the best part? There is going to be a Lex Trent teacup. Oh yes, there is. And a Lex Trent 2 teacup. The first Lex Trent one is being worked upon as we speak. Already, I feel about ten times more excited about the 3rd September release date for Lex, simply because of the cup. I also feel that, when devising a new project from now on, I’ll be thinking – what will this book look like as a teacup? Is that wrong? Well, if it is, I’m afraid I just don’t care. These teacups are wicked cool. There is no other description for them. Take it from me – it is worth being a published author, simply for the teacups.

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