Portuguese Front Cover for Jasmyn


I love this! Portuguese publishers Europa-America did a terrific job on their cover treatment for The Ninth Circle, and I was hoping they would do Jasmyn in a similar style. The image they’ve used really shows off how truly stunning Neuschwanstein castle is. Very, very happy with this one.

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German Front Cover for Jasmyn

Here is the German front cover for Jasmyn:

I was particularly pleased to get a German translation deal for this one, partly because much of the book is set there, and partly because I have a couple of friends who live there. There’s no publication date so far (that I know of) but the front cover is a promising start, and I particularly like the fact that you can see Neuschwanstein at the bottom. Once again, the cover Gods have been good to me.

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Jasmyn Party

I seem to have neglected the blog a bit recently. This is partly because of the party I had for Jasmyn last week, which took a lot of preparation. Those ice swans don’t carve themselves, you know . . .


Here I am with the giant swan, stuffed full of champagne. The swan, that is. Not me. Not by that point anyway. That swan weighed almost exactly the same as I do, which I found quite strange.

Here I am with fellow Princesses of Fantasy Fiction, Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod:

Please note that, despite what this photo may suggest, I am not a freakishly tall person. It’s just that Jaine and Suzanne are both quite petite, and I was wearing heels. I dislike being called Gigantor to my face, and am likely to react unfavourably towards anybody who does so.

In spite of my earlier fib, I did not carve the swans myself. Ice sculpting is not something I can add to my list of talents. But I did help make the cupcake mountain:

Three hours. It took two people three hours to decorate the thirty eight cupcakes on that stand. They tasted good though – once I got over the fact that people were actually going to eat all our hard work.

Jasmyn really suited itself to a themed party. When it went dark, all the twinkly lights in the marquee came on and made it look gorgeous. I think, from now on, whenever I go to start a new book, my first thought should be: will this make a good party later?

It was a great evening. A great night, actually, as I didn’t go to bed until seven o clock the next morning. A sure sign of success in my book. Big thank yous to everyone who came and made it so much fun. It just wouldn’t have been the same sitting in the marquee and drinking bottle after bottle of champagne all by myself.


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Jasmyn In A Teacup

Yes, you heard right – Jasmyn is now in a teacup. Available in all good kitchenware stores now . . . Oh no, hang on, it’s not in all good stores now because there is, in fact, only one Jasmyn teacup. Only one Ninth Circle teacup too, come to that. My Mum gives me a present on the day one of my books come out (yes, she really is that cool). When The Ninth Circle came out last year she gave me a little desktop Mephistopheles.

For Jasmyn, I got a specially commissioned, one-of-a-kind, Jasmyn teacup. I have a bit of a thing about teacups. I blogged here about the magic one I have. And I can tell already that my Jasmyn  teacup is going to be a magic one too. Here are some pictures (although they don’t really do it justice):






How. Beautiful? And how perfect? Black roses, castles, knights, swans . . . it has everything. For anyone who’s interested, this teacup was designed and created by the wonderfully named Bethan Lloyd Worthington at http://www.bethanlloydworthington.co.uk/. Man, I wish my name was Bethan Lloyd Worthington . . . Her work bears more than a passing resemblance to the renowned Kustaa Saksi – creator of my fantastic Gollancz covers.

But, not only do I have a Jasmyn teacup, I now have a Ninth Circle coffee cup. Behold:


Gabriel's goldfish



I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use them yet. The thought of pouring tea into them horrifies me a little. I don’t want to stain the cup inside. But I’m thinking I might, perhaps, use them to hold M&M’s when I’m writing. After that they will be safely relocated back to the special cupboard for the special cutlery. I do, after all, have a Siamese cat who . . .  well . . . breaks things. Rather a lot. So the teacups can’t be left out in the open.  But they can be stared at adoringly through the glass windows in the special cupboard. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last day doing just this. These two cups are now my most treasured possessions. They even top Erin and Abu, and that is seriously saying something.

But the best part? There is going to be a Lex Trent teacup. Oh yes, there is. And a Lex Trent 2 teacup. The first Lex Trent one is being worked upon as we speak. Already, I feel about ten times more excited about the 3rd September release date for Lex, simply because of the cup. I also feel that, when devising a new project from now on, I’ll be thinking – what will this book look like as a teacup? Is that wrong? Well, if it is, I’m afraid I just don’t care. These teacups are wicked cool. There is no other description for them. Take it from me – it is worth being a published author, simply for the teacups.

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