Welcome to my website. I decided to have one because I’m an author and apparently readers sometimes like to learn a little bit more about the books and/or have a bit of a giggle over the author’s photo.

There may be the odd bit of book news announced here (but only the odd bit. Talking about publication dates and word counts bores me very quickly – you can go to my publishers’ websites for that stuff); there may be the odd review (but only the good ones, obviously, even if I have to write ‘em myself); and there may be links to fellow Gollancz authors (but only the ones I like, or who have bought me beer).

There is a blog for the simple reason that I am an extremely opinionated person. I admit I have strong opinions about almost everything. Here I shall wax lyrical about them to my heart’s content, and because the site is mine, no one can stop me or shut me up, mwah ha ha ha ha! I am all-powerful! At least in this corner of cyberspace . . .

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to express your love for me/my books/my dry wit etc. If you’d like to complain/sell me something/forward hate mail – please don’t contact me (contact my agent).


Alex Bell.