Portuguese Front Cover for Jasmyn


I love this! Portuguese publishers Europa-America did a terrific job on their cover treatment for The Ninth Circle, and I was hoping they would do Jasmyn in a similar style. The image they’ve used really shows off how truly stunning Neuschwanstein castle is. Very, very happy with this one.

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German Front Cover for Jasmyn

Here is the German front cover for Jasmyn:

I was particularly pleased to get a German translation deal for this one, partly because much of the book is set there, and partly because I have a couple of friends who live there. There’s no publication date so far (that I know of) but the front cover is a promising start, and I particularly like the fact that you can see Neuschwanstein at the bottom. Once again, the cover Gods have been good to me.

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09. Circulo

Today I have received the Portuguese edition of The Ninth Circle, or, 09.˚ Cίrculo, as it is in Portuguese. I have since had several requests for photos, so here they are:


And back:


I am incredibly chuffed with this version of the cover. The stone angels give it a religious look, which I love, and I think it has a fantastic gothic feel to it. I have been very lucky with all of my front covers so far. Law of averages says that at some point I will have to get a cover that I’m not delighted with, but it hasn’t happened yet. When it does, I will, of course, have to be publicly tactful about it, and just say something like ‘this is an . . . interesting front cover’. But, thankfully, that day is not today.

Publicações Europa-América are the publishers for this one, and they have also got the Portuguese rights for Jasmyn as well. I very much hope that when they bring Jasmyn out they do it in a similar style to this one, as I think that would look absolutely stunning.

It seems very odd flicking through a book that I know I wrote, but which I can’t understand because it’s all in a different language. If only I were as multi-lingual as Gabriel – then I could read this book, and any other foreign language edition I receive in the future. Alas, I shall just have to content myself with flicking through it with a big grin on my face.

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