Mystery Superhero!

Mystery Hero

When I was about six years old, I was at a car boot sale with my parents when I spotted this really cool action figure amongst a whole load of other second hand toys. I thought she was awesome – the sort of hero I could see beating my brother’s superman and batman figures in a fight (Barbie wasn’t really a fair adversary seeing as she was about five times as big as Superman).

My Mum bought her for me and she became one of my favourite toys, but the thing that’s always bugged me is that I don’t know where she’s from. Since I got her second hand, she didn’t come in a box, and so I never knew what her name was, or what her powers were supposed to be. I always assumed that she was a comic book hero, but I’ve never been able to place her, nor has my brother, despite being much more knowlegeable about the universes of DC Comics and Marvel than I am.

I suppose it’s possible that she isn’t a comic book superhero at all, but she really has that look about her to me. If she is a comic book hero (or villain?) then she’s obviously not a well known one. I should probably also add that when I first got her she had a big disc thing attached to her back. I’m fairly sure it was orange and that it had a kind of fire/lightning pattern around it. Unfortunately, I pulled this off as soon as I got her back home because I thought it got in the way of her red hair, and I have now, of course, lost it. I would really love to know who she is, so if anyone has any ideas then please share! Even better – you can tell me that this is some sort of limited edition, immensely rare, ludicrously valuable action figure (if only I hadn’t ripped that flippin’ disc off her back, eh?)!