An Anthology of Seven Deadly Sins

Oops – I don’t seem to have done very well at maintaining this blog recently. My new online boutique, Tickle and Pink, has taken up quite a lot of my time this year. It’s pretty cool. You should check it out:

Tickle and Pink logo

In the meantime, I have a new short horror story out in this awesome little anthology:

X7 Deadly Sins front cover

The X7 Deadly Sins anthology contains seven stories from different authors, each focusing on one of the seven deadly sins. My contribution is The Devil in Red and focuses on Wrath. I absolutely loved this as it took me back to my Ninth Circle days. There’s nothing quite like writing truly deranged characters with a whiff of religious fanaticism thrown in and lots of menace and blood. I loved it – and I can’t wait to read what the other writers came up with for the other sins.

I’m also working on another pretty exciting project at the moment, so watch this space.