Email Problem Fixed

Just a quick post to say that it has recently been brought to my attention that the email account attached to this website was not working. This means that if you’ve emailed me using the contact form after 1st October then I have not received it, and I’m very sorry if it looked like I was ignoring your email. The problem now seems to have been fixed. For future reference, I will always reply to reader emails within one day of reading them, and I check this account most days. If you email me and you don’t get a response within a week then that means I am:

a)      On holiday and unable to access the internet.

b)       Experiencing technical difficulties.

c)       Dead.

I love getting emails from readers saying they’ve enjoyed the books (what author doesn’t?) and unless I ever metamorphose into one of those indecently successful, ridiculously rich authors (who the rest of us all secretly loathe) and receive hundreds of emails a day, I will always reply to anyone who writes to me (unless you’re a casino wanting advertising space on my site, in which case I may not bother.)