Hamish the Shrunken Head

It was my birthday last month. The big Two Five – eek, how did that happen? I’m still seventeen at heart.

Apart from loads of new books and a shiny new bookcase to put them in, I also received, from my brother, what is probably one of the most favourite gifts I have ever received in my life.

Meet Hamish:


Is he not both handsome and magnificent? I’ve always wanted a shrunken head ever since first going on the Jungle Cruise in Disney World. Why don’t they sell ‘em in the gift shop, I asked? Apparently not everyone is as fond of the shrunken dead things as I am. Go figure.

But now, after all these long years of waiting and wishing, good ol’ little bro comes through big style. It’s his birthday next month and his effort with Hamish has paid off because I have got him some seriously cool presents, which I am valiantly resisting keeping for myself.

Unsurprisingly, Suki has also taken a shine to Hamish. She likes weird things too. Here they are together:  

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