Frozen Charlotte Ebook Release

My new YA horror book, Frozen Charlotte, is now available to download as an ebook – and with a brand new shiny cover:

Frozen Charlotte book cover

I love this creepy update to the look of the Red Eye horror series and it’s great to have the Frozen Charlotte dolls featured on the cover. Speaking of Frozen Charlottes, my editor sent me a photo of one of the ones they’ve been using to torment book buyers with recently.

Frozen Charlotte coffin 

Don’t let Charlotte out of her tiny coffin! Bad things will happen if you do . . .

 Creepy Frozen Charlotte dolls

Is there anything worse than creepy dolls? *Shudders*

Frozen Charlotte will be published in paperback on the 5th January 2015.

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Frozen Charlotte Cover

Here is the gorgeous front cover for Frozen Charlotte.

I’m so chuffed with this – especially since it has some actual Frozen Charlotte dolls on the cover – and what’s not to love about tiny bloody handprints all over the wall?

 Frozen Charlotte Cover


Frozen Charlotte

We’re waiting for you to come and play . . .  
Sophie doesn’t believe in ghosts – that is, until her best friend, Jay, downloads a ouija board app on his phone.
Joking around, Jay asks it, “When will I die?”
The board tells him, “tonight”.
So when Sophie finds out that Jay has been killed, she knows his death was more than a tragic accident. Sophie’s quest to discover the truth takes her to a remote Scottish island and a family with secrets to hide. And if she can’t unravel the mystery soon, Jay won’t be the only person who meets an early grave . . .

Due for ebook release in July 2014 and paperback release in September 2014 as part of the new Red Eye YA horror series from Stripes Publishing. If you’re the kind of keen bean who pre-orders books, you can do so here.

And be sure to check out the fantastically disturbing cover for Lou Morgan’s Red Eye book, Sleepless, over on her blog.

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Second Lex Trent Cover Revealed!

Here is the final version of the second Lex Trent cover, in all its fiery glory:

I love this cover soooo much! The title too, you will notice, has also now been revealed. The book is no longer Untitled Lex Trent – A Lex Trent Novel but Lex Trent Fighting with Fire which, I think we can all agree, has a much nicer ring to it. This is my favourite of all my published books to date. I had so much fun writing it and I can’t wait for it to come out next February. Roll on New Year (but not too fast because I want to get my money’s worth out of Christmas first – have a hell of a lot of Starbucks eggnog lattes to fit in between now and then).

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Portuguese Front Cover for Jasmyn


I love this! Portuguese publishers Europa-America did a terrific job on their cover treatment for The Ninth Circle, and I was hoping they would do Jasmyn in a similar style. The image they’ve used really shows off how truly stunning Neuschwanstein castle is. Very, very happy with this one.

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German Front Cover for Jasmyn

Here is the German front cover for Jasmyn:

I was particularly pleased to get a German translation deal for this one, partly because much of the book is set there, and partly because I have a couple of friends who live there. There’s no publication date so far (that I know of) but the front cover is a promising start, and I particularly like the fact that you can see Neuschwanstein at the bottom. Once again, the cover Gods have been good to me.

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