Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte

This creepy thing is a Frozen Charlotte doll – and the inspiration behind my new YA horror novel, published later this year by Stripes Publishing. You can read the official announcement about their cool new Red Eye series here. I’m really pleased to be included in this launch because I loved reading Point Horror novels when I was a teenager – and when I re-read some of them to get in the mood, I found that I still enjoyed them as an adult.

The book will be called Frozen Charlotte and is scheduled for paperback release this September. It may cause nightmares. I don’t think it’s disturbing enough to make anyone have a nervous breakdown, but I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to that kind of thing. So, you know, if you’re at all worried about it then maybe read it with a friend or something. Better safe than sorry, after all.

I’ve also had a short story accepted for Constable and Robinson’s upcoming alternate history anthology – Tales from the Vatican Vaults (due for publication next year sometime) – in which the real truth behind various historical events is finally revealed after a lengthy Catholic Church cover-up. My contribution is about Jack the Ripper. It is quite nasty. So is Frozen Charlotte. In fact, people might try to suggest that this sort of fiction must be the product of a deranged mind – but I promise I’m still all there in the head and everything. There is no cause for alarm. And I’d prefer not to wear the straightjacket, if it’s all the same.

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17 Responses to “Frozen Charlotte”

  1. Christine Says:

    I shall attempt to read this. I SHALL. Because it’s you and I heart your writing!

  2. Neil Ford Says:

    Woot! New stuff to read, can’t wait.

    Hope all is good with you, it has been ages since we last caught up.

    Neil. xx

  3. Emma Says:

    Ha! I loved Point Horror books. Still have loads and still re-read them even though I am now (way) over the target age. Looking forward to the new Red Eye series and Frozen Charlotte.

  4. Alex Bell Says:

    I re-read some of the Point Horror books last year and still loved ’em. 🙂

  5. Maia Rayton Says:

    This book is INCREDIBLE!!! I literally just read it in a day and I am thirteen years old!! Sure it was creepy with the needles in eyes and that and the dolls

  6. Taylor Wood Says:

    I am reading Frozen Charlotte on my Kindle and I absolutely love it so far. Usually horror books don’t spook me, but this one is.

  7. Alex Bell Says:

    Hello Maia and Taylor,

    Thanks so much for your comments – I’m really pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed Frozen Charlotte 🙂

  8. Oliver Says:

    I’m reading frozen charlotte and so far it’s AMAZING!!

  9. Alex Bell Says:

    Thanks, Oliver – glad you’re enjoying it!

  10. Lindsey Hart Says:

    Hi Alex,
    My daughter (13) hasn’t really settled into being a fluid reader yet however she has just finished reading Frozen Charlotte which she utterly devoured. I’ve never seen her so engrossed in a book before so thank you Alex. My daughter is now asking for any more of your books but I’m unsure which to get. I was just wondering what you would suggest she should try out next and do you have any other suggestions too?
    Many thanks

  11. Alex Bell Says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    That’s awesome – I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed the book!

    My other YA books so far are the Lex Trent ones but they’re comic fantasy. If your daughter is looking to read more horror then she could try the other books in the Red Eye series – I think four of them have been published this year. I have another Red Eye book coming out too, but that won’t be until next year so there’s still a while to go on that one. Hope that helps!

  12. Lisa Says:

    Hi Alex,
    We came to hear you speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival in August. My 12 year old daughter was intrigued, rushed out straight away to buy your book and loved it! I would never have thought of buying her a horror book and am so glad we saw you and Keith Gray. She is lucky to have a period of reading in English class every week, where the students discuss what they’re reading – Frozen Charlotte has been slowly been passed around amongst all her friends but they are keen to know when your next horror book will be published? Many thanks L

  13. Alex Bell Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you very much for coming to the Edinburgh event – and I’m so pleased to hear that your daughter enjoyed Frozen Charlotte!

    Your comment was timed well because I’ve actually just posted details on the blog about my new Red Eye book, The Haunting, which is due out next February. I really hope that your daughter and her friends enjoy it as much as Frozen Charlotte 🙂

  14. monica Says:

    I have read Frozen Charlotte so many times and I really hope you can keep writing more books like this one, I hope, I really hope, that you could make a second book, I would love that so much. I just love your book and I’m just such a big fan.

  15. Simone Says:

    Hiya Alex,

    I LOVED the book, I re-read millions of time, and still can’t put it down.

    I was wondering if you were going to make a sequel, like maybe from Jay’s prepective.

    Anyways, I just want to say I thanks for all of the books you’ve made.

    Simone <3

  16. Simone Says:

    Hiya Alex,

    I LOVED the book, I re-read millions of time, and still can’t put it down.

    I was wondering if you were going to make a sequel, like maybe from Jay’s prepective.

    Anyways, I just want to say I thanks for all of the books you’ve made.

    Simone <3

  17. Alex Bell Says:

    Hi Simone. Thank you very much – I’m really pleased to hear you enjoyed them. I’m not planning a Frozen Charlotte sequel at the moment, although there is a prequel out called Charlotte Says.

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