Frozen Charlotte in the Zoella Book Club!


I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share that my YA horror book, Frozen Charlotte, has been selected for the Autumn round of Zoella’s Book Club with WHSmiths! And with a shiny new book club version of the front cover, which I absolutely LOVE.

The other seven books on the list all look amazing and I can’t wait to get stuck in reading some new YA this winter. As before, the eight books are available in WHSmith stores, or on their website, and there’ll be tons of interviews, deleted scenes and other bonus material coming up on the WHSmith blog too, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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Frozen Charlotte Art

Frozen Charlotte picture by Lucy Treleaven

I was absolutely delighted to receive this beautiful Frozen Charlotte art from 14-year-old Lucy Treleaven earlier in the week. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw but, sadly, it is not one of my talents. Sometimes even my smiley faces end up looking a bit deranged. But I really admire artists and, for a writer, there’s no greater thrill than seeing your characters brought to life. I recognised Lilias, Cameron, Sophie, Piper and Rebecca straight away – they all look spookily similar to the way I see them in my head, and it was like saying hello to old friends again. So a big thank you to Lucy for producing such a great little piece of art, and for letting me see it. It really did make my day.

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Edinburgh Book Festival

I’m pleased to say that I’ll be at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year, doing an event with Keith Gray on Sunday 16th August from 5pm-6pm.

If you fancy coming along to hear me talk about Frozen Charlotte then you can check out the details here: Ghostly Secrets with Alex Bell and Keith Gray. 

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Reading Agency Creative Champion Competition

Young Volunteer List

For the first time this year, the Reading Agency are doing a book list for the teenage volunteers supporting the Summer Reading Challenge over the holidays, and I’m delighted that my book, Frozen Charlotte, is on it! Yesterday they also announced that they’re looking for Creative Champions to promote some of the books from 1st June to the 8th August. The winning submissions will receive copies of their chosen book and £100 to fund their campaign to promote it as creatively as they like, whether that involves joining up with a film maker to produce a trailer, commissioning an artist for something arty, or just having a big old book party with cupcakes and bunting and stuff.

The competition is open to young people aged 13-24, and you can enter individually or as a group with a bunch of book-loving friends. Full details here. If you want to enter then make sure you do so by the 27th May deadline.

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Red Eye Trailer

Check out this most awesome trailer from Stripes Publishing for the terrifying new Red Eye series. And watch out for those Frozen Charlotte dolls (*warning* – may cause sleepless nights!).

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