X7: A Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

The Devil in Red – X7: The Seven Deadly Sins Anthology



‘We are punished by our sins, not for them’ Elbert Hubbard X7 takes you on a sinister, startling and scintillating journey through the deadliest of sins with seven superb horror tales. In these pages both hero and anti-hero will succumb to sin and reap the results of their behaviour. Be it the gastonomic society that uncovers a unusual delicacy, a brother seeking to become closer to his lost sister, the wrath of a serial killer – and his psychologist – being unleashed or the simple sin of lazing a while by the waterside, this anthology will shock and surprise and equal measure. Featuring new and exclusive stories from Alex Bell, Simon Bestwick, Simon Clark, Tom Fletcher, Amelia Mangan, Gaie Sebold and Nicholas Royle.