The Southampton Signing

Now that I have some photos, courtesy of Danie Ware and Neil Ford, I shall ramble a bit about the signing I did in Southampton last week with fellow Gollancz authors, Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod.

First of all, Moose got to come, which was nice. She very much enjoyed being fussed by everyone:


Plus Suzanne and I both brought a tin of Hot Wasabi Peas, so there was no danger of running out:

We very possibly scared away more potential buyers than we lured with these, but I think we might have got a few more people into the fold. As Danie Ware is now referring to the Cult of the Pea, I think we can safely say that she is one of the converted. Welcome to the cult, Danie, I knew you’d like it here. For the record, the Hot Wasabi Pea thing was my idea. I first blogged about it here. It all started with me . . . I want everyone to know this because I’m just petty like that. And I think, perhaps, I should be earning commission or something.

Here the three of us are getting very excited about the peas:


So much joy from such a little thing . . .

As for the signing itself, well, it was intense. People were crying, screaming, asking us to dedicate books to their unborn children and- Oh wait. No, that wasn’t us. That was Patrick Rothfuss at his recent London signing. I don’t think anyone cried at our signing, although depending on how many peas any one person may have consumed, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.  This was a quieter signing than the one I did in London. The Abercrumbles was not with us, after all. And I don’t think even Hot Wasabi Peas could compensate for his absence. But people did come and ask us to sign books, even if they didn’t weep as they asked. So thank you very much to those of you who came. And special thanks to Ruth, Paul, Audrey, Joanne and Jackie – it was tremendously cool of you all to come, especially as it was such a sunny day outside.

Here’s a final snap of us with our books. Go out and buy ’em (but if you weren’t there on Saturday, you’ve missed your chance with the peas):


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13 Responses to “The Southampton Signing”

  1. Chris Bissette Says:

    No impressive hat this time then? Jasmyn will be mine just as soon as the friendly local Waterstone’s starts to stock it.

  2. Alex Bell Says:

    Chris – I was, of course, tempted. But if I always wore a hat, people might start to think there was something wrong with my head.

  3. Danacea Says:

    Thank you for coming down – and for starting the Pea Revolution!

  4. Chris Bissette Says:

    …they might. Good call.

  5. Trevor Bell Says:

    And then all that reconstructive surgery we paid for all those years ago would have been for nothing……

  6. Mark C N Says:

    I tried those damn peas when I was signing at Forbidden Planet earlier in the week. They were beyond disgusting. The Pea Revolution ends here!

  7. Christine Says:

    Yay! Looks like fun. I do hope I’m not going to experience these peas on Wednesday!

  8. Alex Bell Says:

    Dad – and damned expensive the bill for that was too.

    Mark – you’re the first vegetarian I know of who hasn’t whole-heartedly embraced the peas. Shame on you!

    Christine – Fear not, I won’t be bringing the peas on Wednesday. I haven’t quite got to the stage where I take them *everywhere* I go 😉

  9. David Devereux Says:

    I’m with Mark on this one: foul, foul things!

  10. Jaine Fenn Says:

    David, Mark – you need to overcome the initial shock and try another pea, then another. They’ll grow on you. We promise.

    As it says in big letters on the viaduct at the M25/M40 junction ‘Give peas a chance’.

  11. Alex Bell Says:

    World Peas, baby! The planet will be better for it.

  12. Chris Bissette Says:

    Peas on Earth?

  13. David Devereux Says:

    Whirled peas? I’ll stick to eating ’em raw.

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