Ninth Circle Film News – Part 2

Ninth Circle Press Release from Reelart Media:


Monday 8 March 2010- London



The Ninth Circle by Rising Star Author Alex Bell, Optioned for Movie Rights  

Reelart Media Limited are pleased to announce that Reelart have optioned Movie Rights for The Ninth Circle by Gollancz fantasy author, Alex Bell. Hampshire based Alex Bell is recognised as an up-and-coming young British talent with three novels successfully published to high critical acclaim.

Contracts have been signed to bring the book’s hero Gabriel Antaeus to where he rightly belongs – on the big screen.  With a movie adaptation already underway and directors, leading cast and locations being sought in the UK and Hungary, production is expected to commence September 2010.

Reelart Managing Director, Daniel O’Toole stated, ‘We are thrilled to be working hard, to turn Alex’s first novel into what will undoubtedly be a talked about movie adaptation.  We believe we have found a talented, young British writer and the character of Gabriel Antaeus is one we can see developing into other projects. Obviously we’re very excited to bring this novel to the big screen.’

‘Alex Bell and her novels already have a growing army of fans and we know we can do justice to her work,’ Reelart Producer, Matthew O’Toole commented as contracts were signed.

‘After my initial meeting with Reelart, I knew they were the right people to bring my work to life. It’s always such a pleasure to talk to people who really get the book, and if anyone can successfully bring a faithful version of The Ninth Circle to the big screen, I am sure it is them,’ said Alex Bell.

The Ninth Circle, is Alex Bell’s first novel and begins as our mysterious hero wakes beaten and bloodied on the floor of a Budapest flat with no recall of his past.  His efforts to rediscover his identity are punctuated with cryptic clues, strange visions, terrifying dreams which eventually come together into an epic battle of good and evil and Gabriel asking the question: is it really better the devil you know?

The Ninth Circle takes its place in Reelart’s upcoming production slate with production due to commence September 2010.


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12 Responses to “Ninth Circle Film News – Part 2”

  1. Christine Says:

    Excellent 😀

  2. Jock Says:

    HOLY HELL!!!!! I’m so excited i’ve had to re-write this to exclude my swearing!!!! You know how i get about movies but this is worse. 😀 Congratulations my friend i’m sooo very happy and pleased for you 🙂

  3. Alex Bell Says:

    It’s good, eh?

  4. Kwok Ting Lee Says:

    Whoa. That was fast, from optioning to beginning the search for directors, cast, and locations!

    Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen someday within the next two years.

  5. Suzanne McLeod Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! So excited for you!!!! *bounces madly*!!

  6. JWW Says:

    Congratulatins Alex, we are delighted. I did tell you that I could ‘see’ the book as a film. Now I can’t wait.

  7. Jock Says:

    Alex if you’ve understated anything to me in your life this is it. Good eh, doesnt even begin to cover it!!

  8. Alex Bell Says:

    Jock – I become unseemly when excited (you saw Moose’s first birthday photos, right?!).

    It is therefore best for me to maintain the great British tradition of the stiff upper lip in everything I say and do.

  9. Jock Says:

    😀 Ha ha ha! Fair enough. I’ll just be excited for you and i already been thinking about who best would play your characters 😛 Serious coffee conversation :p

  10. TealPirate Says:

    I almost screamed after reading this. I’ll be sure to see it the day it comes out! Gabriel most definitely deserves to be seen on the big screen!

  11. terri collingwood Says:

    Very very good book. Has you gripped from the beginning. Congratulations on such a fab book. Look forward to many more.

  12. Bruce Says:

    Any more news on the film of The Ninth Circle….I am bursting with anticipation!!

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