More Frozen Charlotte Art

I also received this amazing drawing from 12-year-old, Cindy Hua, back in April, but never got around to posting it. I just love the anime look to this one, and how spooky and atmospheric it is.



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4 Responses to “More Frozen Charlotte Art”

  1. Cindy Hua Says:

    Thanks for featuring my picture! I’m so happy you did!

  2. la Rae Says:

    is there going to be a movie on frozen Charlotte

  3. Ariana Says:

    I totally think there should be a movie. It’s such a creepy story, and I have so many “theories” about it!

  4. Alex Bell Says:

    Hi Cindy – you’re more than welcome – I absolutely love it!

    la Rae and Ariana – I agree that a movie would be amazing 🙂

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