Upcoming Events

Just a quick note about upcoming events.

First of all, I will be at the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature tomorrow with fellow Chainsaw Gang authors, Sarwat Chadda, Stephen Deas, William Hussey and Alexander Gordon Smith. We’ll be talking to students about our books at the Wyvern Theatre (http://www.swindonyfl.co.uk/) and signing them afterwards.

Some Friday this month (not sure of the exact date yet) there’ll be an episode aired of The Moore Show (channel 201 on Sky and 403 on freesat) where I’ll be one of the guests talking about my books and whatnot. Will try to remember to stick the date up here when I get it.

8th December – Local Author Fiction evening at Waterstones in West Quay. I went to this last year and it was a great Christmasy event where people could have a mince pie AND get their books signed. Double win.

And, for next year, I’ve now arranged to go to both the SFX Weekender and Eastercon.

Busy, busy, busy.


3 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Dave Kitching Says:

    SFX Weekender – excellent news. No doubt they will publish the guest list in next issue of the mag – what photo did you give them ?
    Do you plan to follow up Alex Trent Fighting With Fire with another Alex Trent tale?

  2. Alex Bell Says:

    I haven’t given a photo to anyone because I’m not going as a guest, I’m just going as a punter. Never been before so not really sure how it all works but I’m sure I’ll find out.

    And, er, it’s not Alex, it’s Lex. *Lex* Trent. I don’t allow my characters to share a name with me. That would just be weird. And no plans for Number 3 at the moment – am very busy working on something else right now.

  3. David Kitching Says:

    Sorry Alex – typo on my part… case of fingers faster than my brain.

    Have you a teaser for any up and coming novels you propose?

    Oh and a belated happy new year to you.


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