Romantic Fiction Competition

Ever fancied writing a romance? Chapter One Promotions are holding a romantic fiction competition and they’ve asked me to judge it – which I am really looking forward to doing. I’ve judged children’s writing competitions before but never anything for adults – and as romance is one of my all-time favourite genres, I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

It costs £15.00 to enter and the prizes are £300, £150 and £50 plus publication in the Chapter One Promotions Anthology.

The deadline is this Saturday (31st March) at midnight so there’s still time to enter (but you have to get a move on!). The maximum word count is 5,000, and more rules and information can be found on the Chapter One website here:

Here’s the description from Chapter One:

“Listen to your heart and remember those first tentative moments of falling in love for the first time. That intense feeling that you felt would consume you, those tender moments of secrets shared where it felt like your love was written in the stars.

Perhaps romance are those quiet moments of thoughtfulness that has built up over the years, where love is no longer a case of a faint blush on the cheeks but has matured gracefully into a steady stream of affection over the years.

Passion, memories, pain, adoration, longing and desire all make up wonderful elements to a story that can be complex, deep, meaningful, gentle, erosive.  Inspire us with love the old fashion way, or lead us into a tale of ardour in a modern world where tokens of affection are made using mobile phones and texts.

More importantly, make a statement with words entwined in tender possibilities that would make even an old cynic smile at the mere memory.”

So get writing – and good luck everyone!


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