Hot Wasabi Peas!

Hot Wasabi Peas

I know, I know – they sound disgusting. Like their tagline should be something along the lines of:

Hot Wasabi Peas – They make you sick like nothing else can!

But they are, in fact, completely delicious. They’re a Japanese snack but I first came across them in America. They’re another Sam-I-Am, actually, because my Dad found them, and when he produced them from out of his bag, I screwed my nose up like everyone else. I mean they’re crunchy, hot peas, right? That’s just plain wrong.

‘Just try one, Al,’ Dad said. ‘You might like it.’

Well, when Dad says that, I almost always do like it. So I tentatively put this shrivelled up pea in my mouth and . . . it was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. Hard to believe, I know. Not only that, but they are unbelievably addictive. It’s quite impossible to eat just one pea. Quite, quite impossible. Even better, they’re very low in calories. It works out as something silly, like half a calorie per pea. I mean you could stuff your face with them from morning till night, and not get fat!

The only problem was that we brought just two pots back with us from America. Since then I’ve been trying not to eat too many of them because all my family like them, so it’s not fair to scoff the lot all by myself. Mostly this has just resulted in me lying awake at night thinking and thinking about the peas in the cupboard downstairs until, finally, I just can’t take it any more, and I sneak down there and start guzzling¬†them like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been feeling quite guilty about this as the peas are almost all gone now so I Googled them yesterday and, to my delight, found that you can order them online. I promptly did so.

So – now that a great big stash of Wasabi Peas are on their way, I finally feel free to confess: yes, it was me. I did it. I ate all the peas.

Hot Wasabi Peas – They Don’t Make You Sick!

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17 Responses to “Hot Wasabi Peas!”

  1. Jaine Fenn Says:

    I’m a wasabi pea addict too. How can something that looks so wrong taste so right? I score mine at Wing Yip’s Chinese supermarket, but I’ve run out so perhaps internet ordering is the way forward. However, I notice that the ones you’ve got are a different brand to my usual and ideally I’d like to try before I buy: any chance of bringing a few along to the next Tripod (or the signing on the 30th)? I promise I won’t eat too many …

    And if you do make Tripod, ask Jim about wasabi peas. I’ve seen him eat 15 at once for a bet. He could still speak afterwards and everything; that man is hard. (I think it might be something to do with the martial arts training.)

  2. Alex Bell Says:

    Now I feel the almost irresistible urge to try to eat 15 peas at once! I’ll certainly bring them next time so you can have a taste :-)

  3. Shirley Says:

    I do have to be honest here. I have been slinking down and eating them too – I thought they were going down fast!! When your order arrives I want a tin for me, just me…….. not that I am greedy or anything but a delicios snack at half a calorie a pea is heaven!

  4. David Devereux Says:

    Tried ‘em, hate ‘em.

    Mind you, the sort of thing I’ve been known to consume as snack food is almost certainly best left unconsidered.

  5. Chris Cummingsq Says:

    How strange, I came here to say that following the beautiful two days I had reading “The Ninth Circle” I now have Jasmyn beside me to read over the weekend, and I see mention of wasabi peas. I actually picked some up for the first time last week and you’re right. Addictive as heck and incredibly yumsky. :) Anyway, thanks for this blog, really interesting reading. Keep up the amazing work with the books and take care.


  6. Alex Bell Says:

    They *are* yumsky, aren’t they? I like to enjoy ‘em with a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc but I believe they would work with just about anything.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed The Ninth Circle, and I hope you enjoy Jasmyn too! (Incidentally, I think Jasmyn would work well with wasabi peas . . . )

  7. Saya Says:

    Have you tried Spicy Corn? That’s an Asian snack that I find terribly addictive, and the wasabi peas made me think of them. It’s basically sweetcorn toasted (or maybe roasted?) with chilli and good Indian spices. Nom nom.

    (I finished Jasmyn yesterday, and I’ve just finished writing my review for it because I loved it THAT MUCH – I’ll be posting it on my blog in a few days time! And maybe the post will have brought Ninth Circle by then, too!)

  8. Alex Bell Says:

    I’ve tried salted, roasted corn, which was delicious, but I’m sure it would be even tastier with spices! I will have to look into finding some somewhere. Thanks for the tip!

    Very glad to hear that you loved Jasmyn and, even better, that you’re writing a review to spread that love around :-) Hope you enjoy The Ninth Circle too!

  9. Saya Says:

    If you live in London, Tooting is the place for all things Indian and spicy, particularly spicy corn. Although I hear Tesco does some pretty good ones! They won’t give you the same mindblowing thrill as wasabi, but they’ll be hot and crunchy! Also, the spicy chick peas are made of awesome. Nom nom.

    Review: I stayed up late last night writing it, and now I have to put it on hold a few days so it doesn’t overshadow other people’s posts. So to compensate: a) I bought two copies off Amazon (one for ME, one for my friend), b) Also bought Ninth Circle, c) shoved the library copy at my littlest sister and now she’s sitting behind me reading it, getting freaked out by what happened to Jasmyn’s wedding photos.

    Oh, hm, I need to email you because I have Questions!

  10. Alex Bell Says:

    I don’t live in London (it’s too noisy for me to write there!), but I will have a look in Tesco’s or, failing that, the internet.

    This news of further sales pleases me greatly. Feel free to email me with questions. :-)

  11. Saya Says:

    Ask and the internet provides!
    Chick peas:
    They also have chilli and lemon corn, and spicy peas. *groan* I need me some crunchy Indian snacks now…

    I emailed! Or at least, used the form on your contact page.

  12. Alex Bell Says:

    Thanks for the link! Will be sure to try those out. :-)

    I don’t have any email from you, though. I’ve sent a test one through, and it seems to be working okay. You may have missed out one of the required fields?

  13. Saya Says:

    Nuuu, I didn’t!

    Okay, I will resend it.

  14. Saya Says:

    Also – my sister finished the book, and she LOVED it, even though she opposed being made to read it to begin with. And she refused to tell me her theories even though I pestered her. This won’t make sense until you read my review!

  15. Alex Bell Says:

    Glad to hear your sis enjoyed the book too! What good taste in literature you both have ;-)

    Have you resent the questions through? (I am still trying to work out whether or not there’s another problem with my email server!)

  16. Saya Says:

    I did resend! There might be something dodgy going on with the server. Perhaps you could drop me a test-email or something?

    And I can resend again XD Third time! It will be such an anticlimax when you get it.

  17. ClareM Says:

    Was searching the internet and came across your site. I am also an addict! Love them so much, especially the ones that are so strong they make your eyes water, ha ha!
    I buy a pack every week at Sainsburys – in the speciality food aisle. Only a pound for 100g bag. Lovely!

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