Lex Trent Game – Learn Your Fate

The dark gods and goddesses at Headline Towers have worked their magic to give you a sneaky peek into your future. Want to know whether great riches or great doom or great foolishness lie in store for you? Just go to http://www.lextrent.co.uk and play the Lex Trent game, if you dare. This is not a game for the faint of heart. These are guaranteed fates, guaranteed to come true, guaranteed.*

*Please note, that neither Alex Bell, nor the Headline Gods, can be held legally or morally responsible for any consequences, reasonably foreseen or otherwise, of someone’s reaction to learning their fate. These include, but are not limited to, unwise investment decisions, making premature funerary arrangements for oneself or for one’s friends, refusing to leave the house, or running away to sea or space in despair.


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  1. Charlie Says:

    There are some shocking things on that site! Appropriate however, I think I’d choose the rum and gold. Great way to create interest in the books!

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