Introducing The Chainsaw Gang!


Welcome to the Chainsaw Gang! We are a select group of UK-based YA writers, writing about a variety of different things but – as you may have guessed by the rather awesome blood-soaked banner – there are no sparkly vampires here, my friends. There are no moping teenage girls whose lives are incomplete without their vampire/angel/(insert appropriate brooding stereotype here) boyfriends. Instead, we write about killer dragons, and underground prisons, and yetis, and werewolves (proper ones – not loved-up ones), and heroines who are Templar warriors rather than simpering cheerleaders. All this and more. So if you like your YA fast-paced and furious – and maybe a little bit bloody – then you have come to the right place. Without further ado, I give you the other members of our brand-new, and ultra-cool, gang (I always wanted to be in one . . . ):

First up, Sarwat Chadda (unofficial leader of the gang – and the one with the Templar warrior heroine):


Stephen Deas (the dragon man of Gollancz):


Sam Enthoven (writer of fantastical action thrillers):


David Gatward (lots and lots of DEMONS!):


Steve Feasey (writer of ferocious werewolves):


William Hussey (who writes about ancient horrors):

 Jon Mayhew (demons plus fog-drenched Victorian London = a double win in my book):


Alex Milway (he writes about yetis! And I agree with Sarwat on this – there just aren’t enough yeti books out there):



Sarah Pinborough (aka Sarah Silverwood – writer of murder, madness and the Knights of Nowhere):


Alexander Gordon Smith (yes, there are three Alex’s in the gang. At a future date I may stage a mutiny and attempt to rename the group The Alex Gang . . .) He writes about an underground prison run by demons! What more do you need to know? :

And, of course, me. And that’s it!

The Chainsaw Gang will be blitzing the UK over the Halloween period, so here are some dates for the diary:

 Alexander Gordon Smith:
13th October, 4.00, Thornton Heath Library, Croydon
14th October, 4.00, Coulsdon Library, Croydon
19th November, 4.00, Worksop Library

Jon Mayhew:
21st Oct: Crosby Civic Hall: Scarefest
26th: GobbledeBook Festival Chester: Teen Panel AM, Full Event PM
27th: Newport Big Read, Riverfront Theatre Newport
29th: Booka Bookshop Oswestry: A Hallowe’en Party
30th: Lancaster Castle

Steve Feasey will be at the Cheltenham Festival on Oct 10th.

Sarwat Chadda will be at GobbledeBook Festival, Chester on Monday 25th, 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

And, finally, the big three multi-author events:

Crystal Palace Children’s Book Festival on Sat 23rd October with Jon Mayhew, Alexander Gordon Smith, Sam Enthoven, Steve Feasey, Alex Milway, Sarwat Chadda and MYSELF. The event is free, but ticketed, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Norwich Millenium Library on Friday 29th October, 2.30pm with Alexander Gordon Smith, William Hussey, Sam Enthoven and Sarwat Chadda.

Foyles, Charing Cross Road. Their big Halloween Angels and Demons extravaganza running Saturday and Sunday, 30-31st October. With William Hussey, Sam Enthoven and Sarwat Chadda. Contact the store and book your place now.

And watch this space . . .

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