Forbidden Planet Signing On Saturday

I probably should have blogged about this earlier but . . . well, I forgot. Better late than never though, right?

Anyway – this Saturday, from 1-2pm, I will be signing copies of Jasmyn at the Forbidden Planet store in Southampton. This is your chance to get signed copies of Jasmyn a full three weeks prior to its publication. Be the envy of all your friends etc. Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod will also be there, signing copies of their books:

I’m a little concerned to have seen this event listed in some places on the internet as a “Singles Event”. Er . . . I’m not sure why. Please note, this is not speed dating (at least, I don’t think it is). It is a book signing. You therefore do not need to bring us flowers to get us to sign books. But you can if you want (I like lillies).

So if you would like to get a signed copy of one – or all of – our masterpieces, then we would love to see you on Saturday. Depending on weather and so on, my Dinky Dane may be wandering about on the high street outside at some point (closely supervised by a family member, of course), and there will be a tin of Hot Wasabi Peas floating around the signing table (the three of us are the Princesses of Fantasy Fiction, after all), which anyone is welcome to sample.*

So there you have it: three very good reasons to come to Forbidden Planet on Saturday. You’ve got signed books, a possible sighting of a Great Dane puppy and the chance to eat a Hot Wasabi Pea** and live to tell the tale. Oh, and I’m bringing the tortoises too. They will be stumping about Forbidden Planet for the duration of the signing. Only kidding. Or am I . . . ? (No, Madam, the tortoises are not for sale. There is no barcode. Please put them down.)



*Alex Bell cannot accept liability for any projectile vomiting, choking, burning tongue, personal injury or premature death resulting from eating the Hot Wasabi Peas. Consume entirely at your own risk. Do not consume if you are fatally allergic to peas. Do not consume if you are fatally allergic to wasabi. Do not inhale the Wasabi Peas or attempt to insert into nostril. Hot Wasabi Peas are for consumption purposes only.

**Consumption of one or more peas constitutes a legally binding undertaking to purchase at least ten copies of each of our books, despite any oral representations to the contrary.

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11 Responses to “Forbidden Planet Signing On Saturday”

  1. Danacea Says:

    Thanks Alex – see you there!

  2. Tom Lloyd Says:

    So I should stop telling people that if they buy both your books in hardback they get a date with you? Hmm, best not to think about what the people who wrote nice amazon reviews are expecting…

  3. Michaela Deas Says:

    I loooooove Wasabi peas!! Sadly I won’t be able to make it but I’m sure you’ll have a smashing time! I really must get my hands on a copy at some point!

  4. Alex Bell Says:

    Tom, I have been on so many dates with those HB buyers that a few more won’t hurt.

    As for those who wrote good reviews – don’t ask. Besides, I don’t do that anymore.

  5. Christine Says:

    Wish I could make it, but I’m London bound xx

  6. Neil Ford Says:

    Definitely going to be there on Saturday. Will be bringing cameras so hope to get some pictures of Moose as well as you lovely ladies.

    See you then.

    – Neil.

  7. Alex Bell Says:

    It’s now confirmed. Excepting torrential rain, Moose will be outside FP somewhere at the start of the signing. This is fifteen hundred pounds worth of dog, people. It don’t get no better than that. As of around 1.15pm, however, she will be going home to have her lunch. And to go to sleep. She needs a *lot* of sleep, which is no surprise seeing as she is soon to become the size of a small horse.

  8. Jaine Fenn Says:

    Good trick with the peas=book sale. D’you think they’ll fall for it?

    I hope Moose can make it. I need to fuss your dog.

  9. David Devereux Says:

    I shall not be turning up, but expect many photographs and anecdotes. Have a good time!

  10. Paul Says:


    It was great to meet you on Saturday and get my books signed (I was the chap with more hair on his chin than his head, wearing the Iron Maiden t-shirt). Have started reading Suzanne’s book first (sorryeeeeee :o( ) but yours is next in the pile.

    Wasabi Peas are interesting too. A taste sensation that may not sweep the nation, but everyone should have a crack at ;o)

    Thanks Again


  11. Alex Bell Says:

    Paul – it was great to meet you too 🙂 And don’t be sorry about reading Suzanne’s book first. I’ve read it, and it’s fab. Hope you enjoy it (and mine too, when you get to it).

    And you’re so right – everyone should have a crack at Wasabi Peas 🙂

    Many thanks for coming along.

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