Alt Fiction

Alt Fiction ( I will be there this year. In fact I’m even giving up attending the Youth and Student Labour Leadership event in London in order to be there. That’s how committed I am to this writing thing. Nothing trumps it, not even politics.

I’ll be doing a couple of podcasts and a panel, so if there’s anyone around who would like to see me talk learnedly about whatever the heck the panel is about then do come along. I may not talk learnedly, though, I might just talk. But it should be good!

And if anyone has any books they want signing them bring those along too. I like signing books for people – it makes me feel important. So make my day. And if you ask me nicely I may give you a Jaffa Cake. I always have Jaffa Cakes with me at these things because conventions and literary festivals always give me the munchies for some reason and, as every ex-student knows, nothing fixes that better than a big tube of Jaffa Cakes.

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  1. Charlie Says:

    I agree, Jaffa Cakes are brilliant for keeping you going. I’ve always found them weird though, not in the taste but in the layers.

    Sounds like a good day in the making! I can’t go, but I’ll remember to keep a look out for the podcasts.

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